Turquoise Dinner Plates


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  • Price for single Plate
  • Length-27 cm

Turquoise Dinner Plates

Do you sometime treat yourself? Prepare the most delicious meal with mindfulness and love, inhale the aroma and get ready for your meal, then serve it on the beautiful and finest crockery in your kitchen, consume every bite with mindfulness. If this is not self-care, self-love, then what is? 

Our Turquoise Dinner Plates calls for such self-love occasions.

  • Ceramic
  • Glazed
  • Sustainable
  • Turquoise color with brown shade around the circumference. 
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Soft sponge in warm soapy water is recommended
  • Do not use scrub
  • Handle with care and love 

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